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​Public Services (Continued)

Council Member, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (2011-15)

Founding Chairman of Convocation, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (2011-15)

Court Member, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (2002-08)

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Committee Member, The Outstanding Young Person Association (2007-18)

District Parliamentarian, China, Toastmasters International (2011-12)
Lieutenant Governor Marketing, China, Toastmasters International (2010-11)
Division Governor, Hong Kong, Toastmasters International (2009-10)
Founding President, PDSC Toastmasters Club (2014-15)

Founding President, Hong Kong MBA Toastmasters Club (2009-11)

President, Hong Kong Elite Toastmasters Club (2019-20)

President, Global Vision Chinese Toastmasters Club (2016-17)

President, i-Marketing (HK) Toastmasters Club (2014-15)

President, Public Officers (HK) Toastmasters Club (2012-13)

President, Centraler Toastmasters Club (2008-09)

President’s Advisor, HKUST Alumni Association (2012-16)

President, HKUST Alumni Association (2002-08)

Chairman of Corporate Communications Committee and Council Member, Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (2008-2012)
Vice President / Executive Committee Member, HKUST MBA Alumni Association (2003-09)
Chairperson, Friends Unlimited (2005-07)

Deputy President / Vice-President, HKUST Alumni Association (1999-2002)

Founding President, HKUST Students’ Union (1993-4)

Chairperson, HKUST Students’ Union Organising Committee (1991-93)


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About Sean Lin

Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awardee 2006
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